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Celine Replica Handbags – The French Fashion

Celine is a luxury fashion house manufacturing ready-to-wear and luxury leather goods from the French territory, founded in 1945 by renowned designer Celine Vipiana. The Celine Brand is owned by the LVMH group from the year 1996 and today it is flying high under the leadership of Marco Gobbelti as CEO and Phoebe Philo as the creative director of Celine.

Replica Celine Bags

Icon Behind the Brand:

Celine Vipiana along with her husband Richard happened to be the pioneer in creating the first luxury brand in the then industry. It started as a made-to-measure children’s shoe house and later widened its manufacturing array to ready-to-wear luxury fashion brand for women sporting a wide range of bags, loafers, gloves, perfumes, accessories and designer clothes.

Celine continued to be the designer of the house until 1997, after which the American Fashion Designer Michael Kors took over as the creative director – design. The year 2008 saw a phenomenal change over for the Celine Brand, when Phoebe Philo took over as the creative director. She took the brand to the next level with her exotic and classy designing. She was also awarded “The Designer of the Year” in 2010 and “The International Designer of the Year” in the subsequent year. Both these awards added honor to Phoebe as well as Celine.

The first step towards the acquisition plan was sowed in the year 1987, but it was only during the year 1996 was the brand merged into the LVMH group.

Celine Products:

Although Celine has a wide range of products, the most popular and widely used products are their trendy, classy and luxury handbags.There are a lot of reasons that can be attributed to the success of Celine designer Handbags.

Reasons to own Celine Replica Handbags:

After talking at length about the name brand, it might strike you as odd to venture into the replica territory, but, the fun fact about designer inspired replicas is that they are everywhere. They are as ubiquitous as designer bags. And sometimes, even designers endorse replicas. Brand recognition is worth so much more than ownership.

Often, owning a replica from AAA Handbags is the first step to owning the original. That being said, it is tough to make that transition if your worry is money. In the case of the replica world, it’s easy to forego the desire to own an original and instead explore the plethora of replicas on offer and create a closet of the choicest brands and emerge a true fashion icon.

Celine bags are distinct in that they don’t scream the name of the brand. They’re discreet and have a unique charm about them. Owning a Celine bag is a testament to the wearers need to stand out without screaming aloud.

The distinctive craftsmanship ensures that a Celine bag is a standout amongst brands and it is this same factor that we replicate and give to you. Owning a Celine replica from AAA Handbags will put you amongst those who believe that class matters over everything else. This is a brand that defines quality, and this essence is what you will find in these designer inspired copy bags as well. So go ahead and foray into the world of replicas that give originals a run for their money!